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721 Centinela Ave. Inglewood, CA 90302
Ample Parking In The Lot West Of Centinela Animal Hospital 
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What's CENTINELA Anyway? and other interesting words...
Understanding words leads to better communication and that helps to speed the healing process. Not understanding precisely what words mean can lead to confusion. Therefore, we'd like to clear up a few terms so that good communication can follow. Healing occurs when order is established and the parts of the whole operate in cooperation with one another according to their proper purpose.

CENTINELA  - This is the name of the street upon which our office is located. The name comes from Spanish and means 'sentinel'. Sentinel is an English word which refers to one who watches over and keeps a space safe from harm. We like to think that our office does just this by helping to give clients correct and useful information.
DOCTOR  - This is an interesting word which originates from a word that literally means one who teaches. Our doctors want to see that you understand your pet's health care. This understanding helps us to help your pet get well and stay well.
PATIENT  - Patient refers to the pet under our medical supervision.
CLIENT  - When we speak about a client, we are referring to the human who is morally and financially responsible for the pet that we are caring for.
DELIVER  - Deliver is a word we use frequently here. The word originates from two Latin words that mean to free thoroughly. We try to apply veterinary skills to our patients and clients in order to free them from disease and the worries that illness can bring.
WELLNESS  - This is the state of beingness where the organism is in communication with its environment and capable of performing the activities necessary for its survival.
ILLNESS  - A condition in which a part of an organism is not functioning adequately for its needs. Another word, DISEASE, literally means not at ease; not comfortable.

Welcome to Centinela Animal Hospital

Our purpose is to bring you useful information which can be used to improve animal and human health. Centinela Animal Hospital has been serving the community since 1965. 
Our veterinarians are highly trained and competent in a wide variety of healing arts.

Professional services include an integration of Western Medicine, surgery, acupuncture, nutritional care, homeopathy and physical therapies designed to greatly improve a pet's health and well-being.


Seek Truth and Healing Follows

Heat Stroke Prevention

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